Bandipur Boudha Gumba

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Video About Gumba (Nepali narration):

There is a beautiful Raniban at the peak of Bandipur Bazar. And, Boudha gumba lies in the lap of Raniban. This gumba was built on 2060 BS from the leadership and initiation of the retired army Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Gurung.

Gumba has provided a significant role in the enhancement of religious tourism in the region. “Since there is no other gumba in Tanahun, this gumba was built”, says Gurung. There idles of Shakyamuni Buddha are placed in the Gumba. Along with these, many books regarding Boudhism have been accommodated.

108 statues and 108 manes have been rested in the Gumba. Mane is a special item that is allocated all around the gumba so that the devotee can rotate it while worshipping around the gumba. There are special chants encrypted in the Mane, which is written in Ranjana Lipi. This is chanted for the happiness and peace of all the world’s individuals.

Though the gumba was built in 2060, the municipality has been allocating the budget only since 2076. There is a huge fest during Buddha Jayanti here. For the protection of the Gumba, there is an 11-member committee with Ganesh Bahadur being the Chairperson. The Gurung couple has provided all their time to Gumba.

Another Chaitya is also being built within the area of Gumba. This Chaitya is being built in Vietnamese style by a Vietnamese engineer in his own design.

We can see a pleasing Sunset view. If you are lucky enough, you can see an alluring mountain range in good weather. There is a slope that leads to Siddha cave not very far from Gumba. Lamjung’s Rainaskot, Tanahun’s Maibalkot, Dumre Bazar, Bimalnagar, Marshyandi river in the north and Sukhaura Phat, Ghapri Phat in the South makes you feel content.

How to reach?
En route to Khadgadevi tample while coming from Bandipur Bazar, you can climb right for 15 minutes to reach Gumba. While hiking from Siddha Cave to Bandipur, as soon as the upward slope ends you can find gumba whereas, 15 minutes walk upward slope from Tindhara can also lead you to Gumba. If you have your own vehicle, you can go off-road uphill to reach Tudikhel.

To keep in mind:
As this is a religious place, Kindly don’t put on a Mini skirt and half pants instead use clothes that help you cover the entire body.

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Sunset view from Bandipur Gumba

बन्दिपुर गाउँपालिका भित्रका अन्य पर्यटकीय गन्तव्यहरू:

थानीमाई मन्दिर

मणि मुकुन्देश्वरी पर्खाल (मिनी ग्रेटवाल)

विन्ध्यवासिनी मन्दिर

पद्म पुस्तकालय

खड्गदेवी मन्दिर

पातलेद्वार गुफा

पहाड पानी

सहिद स्मारक पार्क

सिद्ध गुफा

रक क्लाइम्बिङ्

भुत्यायी बराह मन्दिर

रामकोट गाउँ

चन्द्रकोट गढी

हुस्लाङकोट गढी

२१ फाल्गुन २०७९